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  1. This document contains the privacy policy and the use of cookies on all our websites in the domains:
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(hereinafter referred to collectively as "Services") was created and adopted by ILS POLAND GROUP Sp. z o.o. (Polish ltd.) based in Poland/ Gryfino (74-100) at st. Bolesława Leśmiana 12 (former st. Jana Pawła II 50b), entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court Szczecin-Centrum in Szczecin/ Poland, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number: 0000513017, with a tax identification number NIP: PL 8513051337 and REGON: 320506810, with share capital in the amount of PLN 81,000.00, (hereinafter: "ILS") in order to:

  • emphasize the special importance we assign to the protection of personal data of Users visiting the Website and provide them with security in accordance with the standard required by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC, Office. UE L of 2016 No. 119 p. 1 (hereinafter: GDPR);
  • emphasize the special importance we assign to the issues of privacy protection of Users visiting the Website and ensuring its security at a level at least equivalent to the standards specified in the applicable legal provisions, in particular in the Act dated. July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (hereinafter referred to as the Act on the provision of electronic services);
  • provide Users with information on the use of cookies on the Services, as required by the provisions of the Act of July 16, 200. 4. Telecommunications Law (Journal of Laws No. 171, item 1800, as amended), hereinafter referred to as the "Telecommunications Law".
  1. The protection of sensitive information regarding the Users of our Services is of the utmost importance to us, therefore we make every effort to make you feel safe by browsing our websites. The policy is aimed at guaranteeing the Users of the Services to protect all their personal data and information provided to ILS POLAND GROUP by Users through the Services, before the confidentiality of these data and information is breached and their unauthorized use. Below are the rules for collecting and using information about Users, applicable in the Services, as well as when submitting inquiries and providing information on real estate brokerage - without any payment on this account. The User is obliged to read the Policy before using the Website.
  2. At the same time, we reserve the right to put links within the Services that enable Users to reach other websites directly. ILS does not affect the privacy policy run by the administrators of these websites, nor does it affect the policy of using cookies and is not responsible for them. The only thing we can do is to advise you that before you use the resources they offer, you have read the document regarding the privacy policy and the document of the use of cookies, if they were created, and in their absence contact the administrator of the website for information on this subject.
  3. We are also open to reporting any irregularities in this regard at the e-mail address: We assure you that any such application will be analyzed by us and that we will respond to the email address provided or provided in the application form.
  4. The websites restrict the collection and use of information about their Users to the minimum necessary, required to provide their services at the desired level, pursuant to art. 18 of the Act on the provision of electronic services and art. 5 paragraph 1 c) of the GDPR. In particular, when collecting personal data, we distinguish those who are actually required to provide information in the field of real estate brokerage.
  5. ILS is the administrator of Users` personal data processed through the Services. We ensure that all personal data, if collected in the framework of the Services, are used to answer your query, including creating the offer of the latest services provided by authorized service providers or preparation and sending to the User, upon his request, commercial information and / or an individually edited contract intermediation in order to provide the address data of the real estate indicated by the User or the purpose of booking a given real estate offer. These data are processed on the basis of art. 6 par. 1 point b) of the GDPR in accordance with the principle that the processing of data is lawful if it is necessary to perform the contract or to take action before it is concluded at the person`s request.
  6. Obtaining a response to an inquiry requires entering the following form in the appropriate form: name, e-mail address, telephone number. When sending the contact form, the User will be asked to accept the Privacy Policy. These fields are mandatory. Contact information Users are also used to make contact with them when necessary (eg in case of the need to arrange a meeting).
  7. Obtaining a booking from the booking form requires entering in the form in the preview of the given offer: name, surname, e-mail address, mailing address and attaching a scan or photograph of the ID document. When sending the booking form, the User will be asked to accept the Privacy Policy. These fields are mandatory, and this information is necessary to draft an agency agreement or reservation agreement, as well as in the event of a desire to book real estate in other countries, establish a notarized deposit account and sign a notarial reservation and deposit agreement.
  8. Personal data, if collected, will be stored from the date of filling in the form for a period corresponding to the length of the period of limitation of any possible claims. Each User has the right to access their data and the right to rectify, delete, limit processing, the right to transfer data, the right to raise objections, the right to lodge a complaint to the Supervisory Authority when they consider that the processing of personal data violates the provisions of the GDPR.
  9. In order to answer your inquiries, the recipients of your personal data will be only entities operating under the cooperation with ILS POLAND GROUP in order to answer all inquiries and to book real estate offers and implement contracts, and the list of entities is available at:
  10. Access to personal data is limited to a limited number of authorized persons. As a rule, your personal data is not shared with third parties, unless: after obtaining your explicit prior consent for such action or if the obligation to provide such data results (will result from) legal provisions.
  11. Due to the nature of services provided via the Services, the User is not able to use the services anonymously or using a pseudonym.
  12. Please be advised that you have the right to access your data and the right to rectify, delete, limit processing, the right to data transfer, the right to raise objections and the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body.
  13. Providing your personal data is completely voluntary (as a consequence of not providing personal data will be the inability to provide you with information and possibly to process the reservation and purchase of the indicated property).
  14. We would also like to remind you that ILS as an administrator of personal data may contractually entrust the processing of data collected as part of the Services to other entities pursuant to art. 28 of the GDPR.
  15. We collect information about the use of the Services by its users and their IP addresses based on the analysis of access logs (the hosting operator maintains its website at and (The operator is S.A. with its registered office in Szczecin and Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw). ILS processes only such IT data that is generated automatically by the User`s Internet connection, search engine, Internet address (eg IP address, time of using particular pages, names of selected pages, used search engines), as well as file or "cookie" files used to for authentication or identification of searchers, to monitor traffic on the Website and for diagnostic and marketing tests. ILS uses the above data only for statistical purposes, they are not used for personal identification of the User. We use this information to diagnose server-related problems, to analyze possible security breaches, and to manage a website. The IP address is also used by us for statistical purposes, i.e. for collecting and analyzing demographic data of people visiting the website (eg information about the region from which the connection was made). We assure you, however, that this information is in no way associated (combined) by ILS with personal data of Website Users.
  16. By accepting the rules on "cookie" files (principles set out in the Privacy Policy), the User agrees to receive offers and information tailored to his personal preferences, provided by online marketing platforms of external service providers (such as Google), based on data without elements allowing for identification and the Google Remarketing system used by ILS. Google users have the right to opt out of personalized ads through
  17. On the basis of the information obtained in the above-mentioned manner, in collective cases general summary statistical summaries are prepared. They are not disclosed to third parties. They usually include information on website viewing. These lists, however, do not contain, as we emphasize, any data allowing identification (identification of the identity) of a given Website user.
  18. At the same time, we inform that we may be required to disclose information regarding the IP number of a given Website user at the request of those authorized to do so - based on applicable law - state authorities in connection with their proceedings.
  19. ILS uses cookies to confirm that the User has seen certain content from a given website. In addition, cookies are used to ensure, among others: operation of the Website, maintaining the user session, saving the state of the user`s session, enabling authorization using the login service.
  20. Another category of cookies are files that are not necessary to use the ILS POLAND GROUP Services, but make it easier to use them. They are used to enable: restoring the last visited view the next time you log in; remembering the User`s choice regarding the cessation of displaying a selected message or displaying it a certain number of times, remembering the last selected category in the offer of viewed properties, checking whether the cookie files function properly, enabling automatic login to the product ("remember me" option), matching the content of products to the preferences of Users, restoring the last result of the search in the offer, displaying the last viewed offers, saving previous search terms and parameters, heat analysis of users (collecting information about the place of clicks and cursor movement).
  21. It is possible to delete all cookies stored in the terminal device. In the browser settings, you can accept or reject all future cookies, however, keep in mind that excluding cookies, some of the content of the site may become unavailable. The following links contain information on the control of cookies in a given browser:
  1. ILS also uses the services of third parties whose list is constantly changing and which use cookies for the following purposes: monitoring the traffic on our websites, collecting anonymous, aggregate statistics that allow us to understand how Users use our websites and enable us to constantly improve our offers, determine the number of anonymous users of our websites (needed to analyze the use of ILS POLAND GROUP Services), control how often the Users are shown selected content, control how often users choose the offer, use the communication tool or integration with a social network. Among these entities, the date of preparation of this document includes:
  • Facebook
    The websites use social plugins from the social network, managed by Facebook Inc., Palo Alto, CA, USA ("Facebook"). Plugins are identified by the Facebook logo. When a User visits a page on our website that has plugins, they are initially inactive. Plug-ins are activated when the User clicks on the button with the word "facebook" on the page. By activating the plugin, the User establishes a connection with the Facebook website and consents to the transfer of data to Facebook. If the User is logged in to Facebook, Facebook may link the visit to the Website with the User`s account on the Facebook website. After pressing a specific button, relevant information is transferred directly to Facebook through the User`s browser and stored there in accordance with the Facebook privacy policy. In order to obtain information on the scope and purpose of data collection, their further processing and use by Facebook, User rights and settings that the User can configure to protect their privacy, please refer to the Facebook regulations on data protection. If the User does not want Facebook to collect information about him via our website, he should log out of Facebook before visiting our site.
  • Google+
    The sites use social plugins from the social network, managed by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States ("Google"). Plugins are identified by the Google+ logo or the "Google+" suffix. When the User visits the Website containing plugins, they are initially inactive.The plugins are not activated until the User clicks on the button on the website. By activating the plugins, the User establishes a connection with Google and consents to the transfer of data to Google. Google+, Google may link a visit to a user`s account on Google+, after pressing the appropriate button, the relevant information is transferred directly to Google through the User`s browser and stored there according to Google`s policy.To find information on the scope and purpose of data collection, their further processing and using Google+, your rights and settings that you can set up to protect your privacy, please read Google`s data protection regulations. If the User does not want Google to collect information about him through our website, he must log out of Google+ before visiting our site.
  • Twitter
    The sites use social plugins from Twitter`s social network, managed by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA ("Twitter"). Plugins are identified by the Twitter logo. When a User visits a page on our website that has plugins, they are initially inactive. Plug-ins are not activated until the User clicks on the button on the page. By activating the plugins, the User establishes a connection with the Twitter website and consents to the transfer of data to Twitter. If the User is logged in to Twitter, Twitter may link the visit to the User`s account on Twitter. After pressing the appropriate button, the relevant information is transferred directly to Twitter through the User`s browser and stored there. For information about the scope and purpose of data collection, their further processing and use by Twitter, your rights and the settings that you can set up to protect your privacy, please read the Twitter regulations on data protection.
  1. The User may manage cookies used by ILS or by any other external suppliers, changing the settings of his web browser.
  2. ILS reserves at the same time that after rejecting cookies, some of the features offered by our Services may not work properly, and even in some cases it involves the complete disabling of the selected functionality.
  3. We reserve that the Services do not collect, monitor or verify information about the age of people visiting or otherwise, the collection of which would make it possible to determine if the User has legal capacity.
  4. The websites are provided with security measures to protect data under our control from loss, misuse or modification.
  5. When using a public network without taking appropriate safeguards, there is a risk of personal data being stolen. The main threats related to the use of Internet services - including services offered by ILS on the electronic access channels - include: impersonating information, malicious software and unwanted e-mail - spam. Threats concern not only computers but also other portable devices, e.g. smartphones and tablets. ILS is not liable for any unpleasantness or loss arising from theft of personal data that was provided when connecting to the Website using an unsecured public network.
  6. Each Website user should take care of the security of his devices that serve the access to the Internet. Such a device should have an antivirus program with the current virus definition database, a current and secure version of the web browser and a firewall enabled. The user should also periodically check whether the operating system and programs installed on it have the latest updates, because the attacks use the errors detected in the installed software. Software developers try to eliminate such threats with the help of updates.
  7. Access data for services offered on the Internet - eg logins, passwords, etc. - should be secured. They should not be disclosed or stored on the device in a form that allows unauthorized access and reading.
  8. Caution is advised when opening attachments or clicking links in messages that we did not expect, eg from unknown senders. In case of any doubts, it is worth contacting the sender, for example by phone.
  9. It is recommended to run anti-phishing filters in a web browser, ie tools that check whether the web page displayed is authentic and is not for phishing, eg by impersonating a person or an institution.
  10. When using your home wireless network (Wi-Fi), you need to set up a secure and difficult password to break the network. It is also recommended to use the highest possible standards for wireless Wi-Fi network encryption, which are possible to run on your equipment, e.g. WPA2.
  11. The development of our websites, technological progress, and changes in legal regulations may make it necessary, and even a legal obligation, to introduce changes to the policy pursued by ILS regarding privacy protection. If such changes take place, we will inform Service Users immediately, under the tab "Privacy policy`.
  12. All Users who have any questions, comments or reservations regarding the policy applied by ILS in the field of privacy protection on the Services, including clarification of any doubts related to the content of this information, please send them to the following address:
  13. The content of the websites of the Services is the property of ILS POLAND GROUP Sp. z o.o.. All personal and property copyrights to any elements of the Website (text, graphics, page layout, etc.) are reserved.
  14. ILS shall not be liable for damages arising or caused as a result of access and use of information to any other websites, websites, advertising banners and other websites to which links (links) can be found on the Website. By going to an external website, the User is subject to a separate privacy policy. ILS is not responsible for the content of information and personal data provided by Users and technical data collected or collected by administrators of other websites.