Client guide

Dear Sirs Sellers and buyers always have a lot of questions and doubts related to cooperation with real estate agences, therefore we would like to bring you few topics and answer to frequently asked questions:

1. "I don`t want to sign a contract until you bring me a customer."

ILS POLAND GROUP like other real estate agencies is required to sign a contract with you.
This duty arrives from the entries of the Statue on Real Estate, Code of Ethics, Standards of Professional Real Estate Agents. Clearly defined will the parties of the contract guarantees the security of the transaction. Content of the contract clearly defines the responsibilities and necessary steps to its implementation. It is very often when you entrust us the whole life heritage. We can`t imagine to represent your interests only by "word". We are professionals so we secure your interests in reliable manner. We know all about your offer and follow the indicated address. To make it possible, the broker should know the advantages and disadvantages of your property. The agent must expose the advantages of the property, describe it and completely prepare to promote and present an offer. Ladies and Gentlemen – this cannot be done professional at proverbial knee.

2. "I will sign only open contract."

It is your decision what kind of contract you will sign with us. Our responsibility is to inform you that there is a more effective form of contract – closed, the contract on an exclusive basis. From our research and observations turns out that exclusive contract is underrated by many and enjoying small popularity among sellers. What is the reason of its small popularity?

  • AGREEMENT ON EXCLUSIVE BASIS: Placing a property sell offer on an exclusive basis in the one office results, that the same property is in many licensed agencies by the interchange offers between brokers in Poland and abroad. Another advantage is to eliminate embarassing situations connected with dating the same customer to the same property with many offices, in turn it saves time which is very valuable for you, the client and brokers from other agencies. It guarantee safe and efficient conduct of the contract. Broker who is personally responsible for the exclusive offer tries to do his job quickly. He makes every effort in the comprehensive and multifaced offer promotion, investing his time, involvement in work and means associated with preparation, promotion, adverise and sale or purchase the property.
  • SPEED AND EFFECTIVENESS: Selling a house with one, reliable, licensed agency cooperating with other agencies is much easier, faster and more efficient than basing on your own effort.
  • COMFORT GUARANTEE: Professionals in the real estate brokerage field are working fast and precisely, by hitting with an offer to the interested person`s concrete address.
  • SAVING MONEY: When you sign a contract on an exclusive basis we are committed to promote your property in a special way. Doubling costs related with advertising such sale apartment, house, land, premises or an object with the customer is simply uneconomical.
  • SAFETY OF TRANSACTIONS: Even if the client arrives to you without Broker, we are representing your interests in formal-legal terms and supporting effectively any negotiations.
  • In addition, we can promote the offer by adding it to SPECIAL OFFER 0%  pool of promotion.


3. What is the amount of the deposit in case of signing the preliminary contract?

Formally, it is not specified, otherwise traditionally, it is assumed about 10% of the transaction value, unless the parties will agree otherwise.

4. What is the height of your commission?

In Poland renumeration for real estate agencies is usually:
- 3% of the transaction value when it includes developed property or facilities + 23% VAT;
- 5% of the transaction value when it includes undeveloped property + 23% VAT.
Broker should inform the client that he may represent both sides of transaction.