RABAT ZONE Certificate

Get the RABAT ZONE Certificate and save your money without any restriction!

This unique promotion is addressed to all people, firms, entities and organizational units which have used or would like to use our services. It brings a lot of benefits for everyone and opens the possibilities of combining the highest quality products and services with savings flowing from obtaining discounts.

The promotion named RABAT ZONE Certificate is a unique opportunity to get lower prices and more discounts on products and services prepared in cooperation with the partner program RABAT ZONE members and designed especially for our clients as a thank for choosing our company and showed credit of trust.


IMPORTANT: The promotion can not be fixed with the others.


All questions about the promotion please direct at: office@ilspoland.com



The terms used in the regulations:

RABAT ZONE Certificate – a document in A4 format as a strict accountable form with a unique number, written name and number of entitled holder identity document, which is printed on a special quality paper in a speciall prepared graphic format, issued only to authorized person.

Partner program RABAT ZONE – means a special zone (subpage) separate on www.ilspoland.pl service with the members of partner program list (list of partner companies) with specification of the amount of discounts entitled to authorized holders of the certificate.

The authorized certificate holder – a person who has used RABAT ZONE certificate promotion, received the certificate, whose full name and ID number is on the certificate. It is the person who using the certificate can confirm these data with an authentic indentity document and the personal information can be found in ILS database (including a unique certificate number).

ILS client entitled to use a promotion – any person whether individual, legal person or any other organizational unit which used payable ILS real estate agency services, including services of any companies belonging to the ILS Group at home and abroad, what is confirmed by timely paid facture.

§ 1

1. Organizator of the promotion is ILS real estate agency,

2. The term of certification and validity of promotion starts on 17 October 2011 and continue further notice,

3. Received RABAT ZONE certificate entitles without a time limit its holder to take advantage of discounts in companies participating in the partnership RABAT ZONE PROGRAM which are listed at the following URL address:https://en.ilspoland.com/discount-zone,

§ 2

The rules of promotion named RABAT ZONE Certificate

1. Entitled to use the promotion ILS client can receive the Certificate on written request, and after preceding by the verification of rights to receive it,

2. The condition for receiving RABAT ZONE Certificate is at leats once payable use of ILS agency services, including any services of the belonging to the ILS Group companies at home and abroad and confirmed by paid in time facture,

3. Issuance of the certificate is held at the ILS real estate agency headquarter office in Szczecin, provided by the personal appearance of the interested person, in the other cases it take place by traditional post (with registered letter by returning notice of receipt),

4. Every person who received the certificate personally at the ILS office is required to confirm that fact with own signature,

5. Rights to receive a certificate does not expire and thus all people who use payable ILS real estate agency services before announcement and entry the promotion named RABAT ZONE certificate will automatically get the possibility to receive a certificate, 

6. Without a written request from the entitled to the benefit person means a voluntary resignation from the possibility of receiving the certificate,

7. Promotion named RABAT ZONE Certificate does not include other promotions,

8. The organizator of promotion reserves all rights to cancel, shorten or lengthen the duration of the promotion by posting such information on the www.ilspoland.pl in section promotions.

§ 3

The organizator of promotion reserves all rights to modify these rules at the time of validity of the promotion named RABAT ZONE Certificate.


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RABAT ZONE Certificate