Simple ILS loans

Easy ILS POLAND GROUP Loans – cash loans secured by properties

1. Do you need any cash for any purpose?

Get the easy ILS Poland Group loan – without any questions!

2. Don’t you have the creditworthiness?

Visit us, we will help you – we do not investigate your ability, neither require certificates nor ask the earned amount of money!

3. Do you have your own property?

Get the easy ILS Poland Group loan secured by property - it`s your choice how to pay it - at once or in installments!

  • Advantages of the easy ILS Poland Group loan for any purpose secured by the property:
  • amount of the loan up to 60% of property value
  • low commission
  • we do not check any information about your employment and BIK
  • we do not expect any earnings’ certifications
  • we do not ask for the aim of, eg. Repayment of the other credit or debt collector obligations
  • we conclude the agreement on a clear and transparent conditions
  • cash is paid upon signing the contract
  • we arrive to the client

IMPORTANT: Loans are granted for a period of 6 to 12 months, the maximum loan amount of PLN 100,000! The pledge may be only flat on Polish territory in cities with a population over 20,000 inhabitants!

* contact us only through the application below, we will call you back!