Dear Sir/Madam, At present, Bulgaria is the best place to invest, like Spain 15-20 years ago. Bulgaria is becoming a investment leader in Europe with the newly-built and constantly built apartment complexes, one and multi-family houses estates and all tourist, recreation and leisure infrastructure including marinas, golf courses, beaches etc.

At the moment it is the best time to invest in Bulgaria. It is worth to mention that in recent time has been reported record sales of properties. Apartment prices on the Bulgarian Black Sea and in mountain resorts are groving approximately 10% per year starting from 2010. Until 2025 increase is projected about 20% per year.
Bulgarian tourism sector is very strong and recently became one of the fastest developing and most popular travel trends in Europe. The number of tourist visiting Bulgaria was around 4,5 million in 2014, 4,7 million in 2015, about 5 million in 2016, 6 million in 2017 and 6,5 million in 2018 and 2019 what confirm that it is becoming a pearl of Eastern Europe.

There are several reasons suggesting to invest in Bulgaria:

  • Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since January the 1st 2007. Enter to the country is geting by proof the ID card. The distance from Poland (about 1500km) to the Black Sea coast is relatively small.
  • Permanent air connections from various polish cities to the bulgarian such as Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria), Burgas – 30 km from the famous resort – Sunny Beach, Varna – 15 km from the next famous resort – Golden Sands etc.
  • Rapidly growing real estate market including the value of investments which are constantly rising.
  • Stability of local currency (Lewa) which is strongly linked with Euro.
  • Bulgaria is a full member of NATO
  • Constantly, every year growing number of tourists
  • Rapid economic development of the country regarding to membership in the European Union
  • Dynamic growth of properties value up tp 50% per year
  • Low cost airlines are permanently offer their flights to the Black Sea region since 2007
  • The Black Sea coast has over 1700 hours of sunshine from May to October and over 300 days of sunshine a year, and the temperature in the season can even reach 47 degrees C
  • Climate is comparable with countries such Spain, Italy, Greece etc (the same world parallel)
  • Living costs are comparable with polish, often lower (property tax is calculated about 60 BGN converted into approx. PLN 120 per year, water approx. 290 PLN per year, cable TV from 290 PLN per year)
  • Three course meal for two people in the restaurant is a cost about 34 PLN, while the 0.5 liter of beer in a pub is a cost about 3 PLN
  • Cigarettes from 6 PLN per pack of 20 pcs


Here are some reasons which suggest to invest in Bulgaria with us:

  • ILS POLAND GROUP broker who is offering properties in Bulgaria is an expert in that market, comes from a polish-bulgarian family. He has lived there and so he knows the country, whole coast, all tourist places (resorts) and the realities ruling there very well, he also speaks fluently bulgarian language.
  • In addition, ILS POLAND GROUP agent also speaks polish, english and russian
  • ILS POLAND GROUP real estate agency provides a comprehensive service at every stage of buying property, that is, from the moment of showing interest, through a joint trip for inspection (to choose the location and type of investment) to prepare necessary documentation and finalization the formal and legal purchase in Bulgaria
  • For client from whole Poland who would like to travel without polish agent, ILS Poland Group provides the ability to residents care during their stay in Bulgaria who use polish, english, russian or german fluently
  • ILS POLAND GROUP company, as one of the few, offers the opportunity for comprehensive management of acquired property by rental, lease and realization of all lease payments (such as water, gas, elecricity etc.), it enables you immediately to achieve a constant textile source of financing for new investments or to cumulated money coming from the rental on your bank account in Poland.
  • ILS POLAND GROUP serves a full legal and substantial aid with regard to the most demanding and unusual requirements and tastes
  • ILS POLAND GROUP has in its base THOUSANDS OF UBBEATABLE APARTMENTS, HOUSES AND FLATS OFFERS IN BULGARIA adapted to the investors wallet and individual preferences
  • ILS POLAND GROUP team guarantees the necessary help in getting all types of loans and mortgages in Poland for the purchase of property abroad and in Bulgaria for the purchase of real estate by foreigners
  • ILS POLAND GROUP is held offers up to 10 000 EUR per studio apartment with full equipment and furniture to a very high standard with beautiful view

We would like to thank you for your interest and taking time to analyze the above content, WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO COOPERATION AND INVESTING IN SOLAR BULGARIA

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