Competition under the name of Love Letter

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Specially designed for all our current and future customers, we have Valentine`s Day contest called Love Letter, which will receive a valuable prize lureat.

Competition is addressed to all lovers and is only a short love letter writing and sending it in the period from 12 to 14 February 2013 to the e-mail address specified in the regulations.

 IMPORTANT: Competition can not be combined with other promotions.

 Any questions regarding the competition please email

Regulations of the "Love letter" competition


1.1. The organizer of the competition called "Love letter" (hereinafter called "Competition") is a ILS Real Estate company (hereinafter called "Organizer").

1.2. The competition is organized under the terms of these regulations (hereinafter called "Regulations") and in accordance with the commonly binding law provisions.

1.3. Regulations of the competition are available in the Organizer headquarter and website


2.1. Participant of the competition can be any natural person.

2.2. In the competition can not take part the employees of Organizer and other persons cooperating with the competition organizer as well as such employees and cooperators families.


3.1. The competiton will be conducted:

a) On the pages of Organizer FanPage

3.2. The competition will take place from 12.02.2013 to 14.02.2013 and will be published:

a) On the Organizer website

b) On the pages of Organizer FanPage

3.3. Results of the competition will be published:

a) On the Organizer website and on the pages of Organizer FanPage

3.4. In the competition will be granted one material prize:

- a candy gift basket with a value of 150 PLN.


4.1. The competition consist on:

  • writing a love letter to the loved person (up to 1000 signs with spaces) and sending it to the Organizer e-mail 
  • giving a natural person data which is notify to the Competition (name, surname, e-mail, phone, address).

4.2. As invalid is considered the application:

  • letters sent after the deadline;
  • letters containing vulgarity;
  • letters exceeding the defined length of sings;
  • letters which does not contain the address or phone of the person taking part in the Competition;

4.3. Laureate of the Competition will be the person whom letter will be selected and approved by   the Competition Commission as the most original.

4.4. The Jury composition consist of selected Organizer representatives.

4.5. One natural person can take part in the Competition only once.

4.6. Taking part in the Competition in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations is a equivalent to submitting by the participant a declaration about acceptance of these Regulation and:

4.7. Sending a application is equivalent to:

  • confirmation that the participant is aware of the Regulations,
  • agree to the processing the Participant personal data in the extent necessary  to conduct the Competition,
  • granting free license to the fixation, multiplication and publication the content of the sent letter on Organizer`s website and on FanPage,
  • granting free license to publish the Wishes on the website,
  • agree to publish the Participant`s name and surname on the Organizer website and on,
  • declaration that the Participant agrees to take part in the Competition under the conditions specified in these Regulation, has all copyrights, property and personal to the sent letter and his application does not affect in any way the rights of third parties and further that he bears all liability to the Organizer for the infringement of such rights, for any damages which arise on the Organizer side in the event if the Participant ensuring were false or unreliable.


5.1. Laureate will be chosen no later than to 15.02.2013

5.2. Laureate will be informed about the win by e-mail or phone no later than 21.02.2013. Costs of the phone conversations with laureates will lid Organizer.

5.3. Name and surname of the laureate will be published on the website and on the pages of Organizer

5.4. The prize will be sent by post or courier at the expense of the Organizer to the address indicated by the laureate in the application no later than 14 days from the date of notification of winning.

5.5. In case of not taking the prize by the winner within 12 of placing it at the disposal of the winner, the right to it, expires.

5.6. The Organizator reserves that the prizes can not be exchanged to its cash equivalent.

5.7. Natural person participating in the Competition agreed voluntary to place their data in the Organizator database. Organizer provide the protection of it in accordance with the law on the personal data protection from 28 August 1997 (Journal of Laws from 1997, No. 133 item 833).


6.1. Organizer reserves that he is not responsible for: the events which prevent the correct conducting of the Competition, which was not able to predict or may not be able to prevent, in particular in case of unexpected events including force majeure, not delivery the prize to the Participant caused by not giving by him an address or an incorrect information about it, services of the Polish Post or courier companies.

6.2. Organizer reserves the rights to change the provisions of this Regulation in case of changes in legislation or other significant events affecting on the Competition organization.


After days of stormy debate (well, three, but we feel as though it was a week), drunk hectoliters ofenergy drinks and eating junk food kg (heartburn have so far) almost unanimously chose the winner of the competition for the love letter. And it was Mr. Zbigniew Fijał from Szczecin!

Here is Zbigniew Love Letter:

Do you remember when ...
I fell in love Spain?
When I came back from Portugal,
I really wanted to Brazil
When I talked about Egypt,
Admiring some of Germany,
You took me to Miami,
Suddenly in Greece rozkochałaś,
In Turkey no longer tasted,
Sea! Italy! Sun!
Ah! There are thousands of your offers!
The most wonderful hot specials!
There are thousands of trusted!
And you are still fairly on,
With ideals
For millions of families all over,
As you`re all red,
Still spoil my love!

Mr. Zbyszko, who had received from us a large basket of sweets Congratulations and good tasty andAll welcome to play in our next contest!

Competition under the name of Love Letter