When and where are really occasions to buy a plot

Almost everyone knows that the properties including the plots are a good investment. However, if we would like to have profitable investment, let`s use all available opportunities, when and where we reveal in the text below.

One of the such opportunities to purchase a plots is an annual decline in demand during the winter season which is usually used by the smart investors locating their funds in undeveloped properties and bright people who want to buy a really cheap land for a dream house.
The potential reduction in the winter months usually depends on the scale of decline in demand in a given area. As in the case of highly urbanized areas, the impact can be small, further from the cities the potential sales are higher.

Sales time
Well, from statistics carried out by our analysis department from the many years result that the building plots as well as habitat are much cheaper by winter. It is worth to buy them in that period, of course if we want to maximize the benefits from this investment in terms of the growth profit.
This correctness is confirmed also by all other statistics from real estate markets in Poland and abroad, because the plots are bought mostly by uninformed by spring or in summer.
However, it should be enough to realize that people who want to sell the plot quickly in winter, simply have to reduce the price.
How does actually look saving our money if we decide to buy the plot by winter?

The reason of the reductions
The prices of plots are falling on average about 20 or more percentage points in relation to the initial price, what is very profitable offer and allow to give her occasional character. First of all, this trend relates to individual people who are selling the plots by winter, they know that the price must be lower and the necessity of selling is normally the result of several reasons, among which the decision about the sale is associated with the life condition, necessity to go abroad, random events or simply the need to quick repair the seller household.
However, we should remember that it is not a coincidence that in winter the sale of building plots are falling down.
There are several reasons, but the main reason is simple.
When the temperature falls down, what is often accompanied by the rain or even snow, the building works are usually stopped and the weather does not favour the will of to see the plots.
It is harder to assess the terrain and the landscape of the area around the plot. It is worth to stress that not only aesthetic values are important, but for example site evaluation for its real value and control if our plot is not in the wetlands, what in winter it is much easier to see because of rain. By summer, in dry conditions most wetland area appears to be fantastic, by winter it is easier to judge completely impartial without emotions.

Use the service of an agent
Therefore, if we carry with intention to buy a plot at the bargain price for example much cheaper building plot than in the spring and summer is to buy it in winter months. We should also familiarize with the appropriate documentation carefully. That documentation will probably solve all doubts, or simply, use the proven real estate agency services.
To reduce the risk of buying the plot in winter it is worth to use experts and professionals services. The agents and client advisors will check carefully all seller documentation, they will check in the community for example entries of the land use plan or the study of conditions and directions of the land use in the community.

Meaningful examples and catch the occasion
The example can be agricultural plot with the possibility of building in Binowo near Szczecin with an area over 6,3 ha.
In 2010 the price has been reduced from 12 to 10 zł per m2, then in January 2011 the price fell for further 2,85 zł per m2.
However, the condition of sale is to get the total amount per the plot to 31 January 2012.
The plots price has been reduced within 3 months by 40,5 % due to the need of quick realization of the sale!

When and where are really occasions to buy a plot