How to buy a Property without leaving home

You want to buy foreign Property but you don`t have time to participate in the transaction personally?

Stay calm.

Our experienced team of professional experts will do every activities on your behalf.

You don`t have to book tickets, travel thousands of miles or visit our office in Gryfino. We value the time of our clients and care about their comfort. What makes us different from other real estate agencies is the fact that all formalities associated with buying a home, apartment or land goes through our highly qualified counselors.

How does it look in practice?

You have found attractive property on our website. If you are interested in purchase, first you need to make the reservation. It is maximium six weeks. To do the reservation you should use the entry form. You have three options to choose: visit to the office, correspondence by e-mail, personally on the spot. Ofcourse your choice is "correspondence by e-mail".

The next step is up to us.

We are checking at the seller if the offer is valid and when we get the confirmation, we send by e-mail agency agreement to the client. An agreement with detailed list of all tasks which are necessary to complete the service by our firm. We commit ourselves to sign on your behalf preliminary reservation agreement or purchase chosen by you property.

Next step is to print received by e-mail agreement, initialed it, sign and return. We are doing exactly the same and send a scan of the signed agreement to you by e-mail and at the same time by post with registered letter to the indicated in the form correspondence address. Another step is the payment by client the reservation and deposit fees and payment of remuneration for all agency operations to the currency business account indicated in an agreement.

In your behalf, having ofcourse previously obtained the notary power of attorney, we assume a bank account and get the equivalent of polish tax identification number. What is ofcourse the most important, we will sign in your behalf the contract of the ownership transfer, we will receive the Property with a receive protocol with written on the day of signing the electricity and water counters state.

We care about the safty of the transaction.

We just care about your business, so in the content of our agreement is inter alia protecting the clients interest record:

"In case of no conclusion of an preliminary agreement due to circumstances independent of the parties, in particular in case of inability to carry out the provisions of this agreement by the ENTREPRENEUR for reasons independent of him, the ENTREPRENEUR will return to the CLIENT a reservation fee and commission to the bank account specified by the CLIENT within 14 days from tha date of existance such circumstances"


Wojciech Buszko

How to buy a Property without leaving home