Discover the art arcanas and secrets of selling and you will get a good price for your property

Most of us at least once have sold the property and selling it are asking "How to sell my property effectively and get the expected price?"

The sale itself is not a problem but getting the expected and good for us price, this is the great art. What to do to achieve a success and sell for as much as we want in short time and at the same time make the buyer satisfied?

Well, we reveal some secrets which every seller should "take to his heart".

Secret I

Knowledge of dependents for the success of sale – the rule of buyer eye view

How to prepare for a meeting with potential buyer to be able to present properties advantages? How to predict the buyer`s questions, respond and about what is worth to say?

Well, the truth is that there are no perfect flats, houses, plots etc. because we are all different and expects something else, success is only when the seller and buyer expectations will be satisfied but keep in mind that these expectation usually lies on two different poles.

The paradox consist in the fact that the same property for the seller and buyer has a completely different value and it is happening for a one reason. During the transaction the seller usually valuated their memories associated with the property but the potential buyers are not able to feel like at home and therefore can not be determined and thus watching another property.

So the trick is to prepare for the sale and to present the property to make during this short presentation the potential buyer feel like at home and wanted to live here. Consciousness of our own emotions is necessary to do this because only then it will be easier to control ourselves and thus in some way control the impressions which we can do with our Property on the others.

Secret II

Prepare the Property to sale and the rule of the first impression

When you decide to sell your property regardless of the reasons, you must first realize that in most cases of effective sale about whether someone will buy or not given property determines usually few seconds at the first meeting so the buyer`s first impression.

Experience shows that the properly prepared seller who shows given property shortly after cross the threshold by potential buyer hears: O my, that`s what I was looking for and my dreaming comes true, even if I had to take credit I take it without haggling!

Ofcourse it is only an example and the dreamed situation for every seller, but we need a little fatigue and prepare for this to achieve desired success.

The first step to success is consciousness of well-known psychological rule of the first impression, namely the first impression is an instinctive reflex which is lasting few seconds.

In this short time we assess whether generally the property is pleased for us and do we feel safe there.

The first impression is an image which we create about some person or like in this case about the property in this few moments. That image is colored with emotions, it stays long and strongly affects on our further decisions related to it.

We should try to realize the first impression that we have on other people in their daily lives because just as it is in the real estates where as the potential buyers we succumb to the first impression and influence on further decisions. The condition of being affected is to meet basic expectations of the buyer which he estimated according to his own criteria, which property he wants to see and which not. When he decide to see offered by us, let him know that he did not lose time but he saw a really worthy of attention and valuable time sale offer.

We must remember that it is the only one first impression and it is understood that lasts from 4 to 6 seconds. In this short time we assess given property and make it "pigeonhole". These drawers have different labels such as: I like, this is it, it seems to be excellent, I would like to buy i tor I do not feel safe here.

Secret III

Effective presentation of own Property – 11 basic ways to prepare

Currently every offer on the market participates in the race with hundreds or thousands of other offers for the favor of a potential buyer. It is not easy to arouse interest of the potential buyer.

Therefore the following 11 rules can greatly help in convincing viewers to buy the property.

A good first impression is invaluable

  • Before we invite anyone to our flat or house we should take care about so-called entrance and path to the property. We can refresh the door, put a new wiper in front of them, clean up things in the corridor and atrium. A good practice is to wipe the floor with nicely smelled liquid. Also details such as cleaning the leaflets, cleaning products or bags left on view are important. We should do everything to make our client not wondering why we were cleaning in hurry. The smell and good associations are important not only in our Property but also on the way to it. Not many people know that it is important to take care about the corridor and the stairwell. The buyer should has a positive impression from the beginning of the visit

Absolute order is a key to success

  • It is obvious that you need to clean up but it happens that everyone understands it a bit different. One seller has ordered a general clean up while another will gently wipe the visible parts of furniture. It is important because if we show our flat or house in the daylight all drawbacks and deficiencies will be immediately visible. Dust floating in the sun and smudges on the window are only few of the elements that may discourage the purchase. "If he will buy, he would clen up" – this phrase is often heared from the owners who want to sell the property. And there`s some true because actually every flat or house buyer is usually planning the larger or smaller modernization however, it should be noted that the real estate market just like the other goods markets governed by certain laws and sales standards. The price and technical condition are very important as well as well being and a buyer positive attitude to the place. Even if someone is invests in a flat for rent it will be important for him the well being in a given location for the future tenants. This is why it is worth to spend a few hours of own work to accurately clean out our Property or at least use the services of professionals which will do it for us.

Refresh – low cost which brings suprising results

  • Potential buyers who are looking for the real estate on the secondary market are often planning refresh or complete renovation of the property but like each of us they prefer to have an impression that they will not have to invest a lot of time and money to it. Therefore any splinters or fading paint or even a broken woodwork are the basic things which we should improve preparing our property for sale. Furthermore we should take into account that someone would like to modernize the flat alone and live in the purchased property at the same time. During the visit the viewers should be able to imagine their future in the interior or area. This imagination does not work if they will see faded walls, unstick wallpaper and scratches or losses on the woodwork.

Removing a small error san additional advantage

  • Just a little of own work or a hydraulic help, exchange few seals and bulbs will gain to the flat extra points in the interested rating. Squealing taps, even small water stains in the sinks and wash basins and blinking lights are only few of defects which we can remove easy and cheap. The potential buyers often pays attention to the bathroom and kitchen condition as a determinant of the property state. Blown bulbs, creaking pipes, dripping taps and even dirty tiles are a significant minus of the property.

There is no explanation for the obvious things – everything can be repaired

  • Just few drops of oil and visit to a locksmith to make our doors will open like new and the lock has become synonymous of the security. It happens that the lock is jam or the door are creaking or even does not close. So we should do everything possible to fix it. Also cupboards and the interior doors should work impeccable.

House or flat is not a magazine of unnecessary things

  • When we are selling the property it is often happens that we leave there many design elements which are natural and integral part of the property for us. Keep in mind that a potential buyer is interested only in his own vision and as a result, on the presentation we should do everything to not interfere it because the larger space for imagination the greater chance that we will sell the property. It should be also noted that during the transaction we can not try to sell on the strength unnecessary elements of design. First goal is to sell the property and then extras. If for example we will offer to the potential buyer to purchase a wardrobe with commode and he has not taken a final decision it can end with bad impression that he will be required to take things which are completely useless for him. In addition he can think that it is a necessary condition of the transaction.

Cleanliness and Comfort in bathroom is the next key to success

  • Bathroom is one of the most important part of the house and when it is clean and tidy it is a important signal for the buyer that he can safely introduced to our property. So let`s remember to remove all dirts, replace cracked tiles and cover strips, apply new silicone and fill an air freshener. A good idea is also simple and definitely improve the bathroom look – replacement of the tile fugue. When we decide on these small steps we will gain a fresh and attractive look which will confirm everyone that our house or flat is really well cared, even undecided. Let`s hide for the time of visit any cleaning products, shampoos and other defaulting around the bath or shower items.

The cozy and clean bedroom milestone for signature on the sales contract

  • Our bedroom is our showcase so at any price let`s cause the viewer the impression that it is cozy and clean because new tenants will spend here much of their time. We should remember to throw away any excess furniture because no one likes to hear stories about what we are taking to the new place and what we can leave to the buyer.

Day is a good time for viewing

  • Sunlight and good weather are making that our flat will be beautiful and will have the right climate so before we should expose the shutters and blinds, throw out damaged curtains and paravans then the attitude of the buyer will be half of our success in selling. Let`s spend a few minutes to wash the windows in order to selling property was clear and clean.

Our sale is not an auction but an individual offer

  • During the presentation should be one or two people who are the owners. Potential buyers should held the meeting with us with serenity. Remember that inviting potential buyers at the same time is a big mistake because then the house gets crowded and the viewers will disturb each other. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant impression of high competitive which in spite of appearances scares many buyers and not mobilize. Meet them punctually and spend more time at the meeting. Even if we consider defferent offers, every interested should have a feeling of Comfort and individual treatment. Besides, the presence of other people can be embarrassing and the potential buyer does not have time to ask a key questions. Try to avoid the crowds and unwanted visitors from outside. Let`s make the meeting fully open and honest without embarrassment and unnecessary inconveniences. We should also remember about temporary putting out of our pets which can effectively distract attention, for example to the neighbour, because not everyone likes dogs and even allergy to cats can discourage buyers with a success.

I sell the property, not myself

  • Every owner should be only the presenter of all advantages which has the property and be at this friendly and relaxed. So it is important to not pay an attention on yourself, because a star in the center of attention is today our property and it should sell their best. Remember to not apologize for some property defects which are the result of normal and everyday use or its parameters.

Observations of many experts and specialists from the world confirms that the property owners who spend a lot of work to prepare an appropriate of flat, house plot or any other property, have no problem with the effective sale for the expected even high price.

Secret IV

Professional help

One of the best public way to get help from the professionals is to use the services of the real estate experts in various types of the properties, the liders are licensed real estate agencies with experienced real estate agents.

For an example we may use the story of a client who tried own forces, then he asked the real estate agency for help:

One day he arrived to our office in Szczecin, very elegant client and entering to the office and greeted, then he asked for help in the sale of his flat, to our surprise saying:

"Dear Sirs, here are the keys to my flat, I will pay any fee but please, help me in effective and quick sale of my property".

When we asked about the reasons for such determination to get help he told us duriring the conversation his history:

"I am a banker every day employed in bank loans and credit department. When I decided to sell the property alone, I placed it on several advertising portals and the newspapers with advertisements. The response was immediate and my flat was watching by many potential buyers. During two months almost every day I showed my flat instead of going to work. I used to it a paid and free vacation, instead of earning money I lost my time and nothing. I`ve had enough viewers and crooks who want to buy a flat for a half price, so I hope that you will help me, because I saw on your website department named we are looking for our clients".

We did so, we signed an agreement with the client and after less than 14 days with our company professional team the flat has been sold and thus we gained another satisfied and grateful customer.

The trust given to an agent always brings profits because only person who has specialized in the sale of the properties for years can comprehensively gave advices to seller how when and what to prepare, can effectively organize promotion of an offer and properly encourage potentially interested, can reliably perform the entire sales process and protect the interests of the seller against the risk of loss the many times life achievement and avoid many dangers which gives sale itself.

Among the features of a good broker is necessary to mention for example professional knowledge about the real estates, personal culture, the ability to behave in every situation, knowledge of effective negotiation techniques, new work tools, speed and motivation, good intuition, professionalism, openness to cooperation with the others, availability and flexibility in action and above all honestly and reliability.

With this all in mind before selling let`s consider what we can do alone and what is better to entrust the experts and you will sell the property for price which you want and in a short time.

Thus, we would like to wish on behalf of the whole ILS POLAND GROUP team successful sales and we invite you to use our services.

Ilona Biercewicz and Stanisław Lewicki


Co-founder of Polish Chamber of Real Estate

Discover the art arcanas and secrets of selling and you will get a good price for your property