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The atricles promoting Turkey as a super sunny country , with 300 days per year of sunshine, sandy beaches, rich in ancient monuments and orient air are many.
It is enough to see at the popular blog tur-tur or read in what the author of Turkey in sandals says. Everyone can learn there many practical things, discover interesting places, educate with history, culture, culinary art and more. I honestly recommend reading both of these blogs.

I will tell a little bit of the daily life in Alanya, about how it is to live here and what to do to be able to enjoy all what Alanya has longer and more often to offer than travel agencies.
Today is 16 December, the weather is sunny and warm, precisely, how many degrees? I don`t know, because while living here I lost the habit of using a thermometer so I base on the weather reports and I would like to inform that it is 19 degrees. Yes, the thermometer is not really usefull here, because even in the winter is generally between 15-20 degrees, but there is no rule in the winter season. In January of this year, exactly in the New Year we were celebrating it with the family by making a picnic on the beach and enjoining the shining sun, admiring the "resistance" of tourists bathing in the cold sea (the temperature of water was 19 degrees). Yes, for the natives the swimming season is from June to September, the water is then around 28 degrees, so tourists accustomed to the cold Baltic are real walrus in the locals eyes.

With respect to the winter, my daughter missed the snow couple of times. In this year we are not going to Poland so I have promised her that in January we will go to 135 km away Antalui where in Taurus mountains she will be able to have fun in the snow.
When I observe Alanya I`m sure that it is perfect solution for the family holidays with the guarantee of no tension and quarrels about choice of holiday place and the staying. Why?
Well, because of the localization of Alanya, climate and culture it is a specific "all inclusive".
Alanya is the nice and warm sea (perfect for people suffering from! rheumatism or various types of allergies)mountains covered with coniferous forests (just right for the family picnics), cool mountain rivers and streams bringing relax during the hot summer months and attracts enthusiasts of fishing. Alanya also are the microclimate caves (asthmatics should take advantage of their beneficial effects) which are open for the eager through the whole year.
When the children bore of having fun in the sea and building sand forts (if it is possible), they can revel in the water park or visit the local amusement park. Youth and adults may diversify the day inter alia: ship cruise, the trip on safari jeep, paragliding flight or the banana water ride.
Sport enthusiasts will feel like in Paradise. On the beach you will find: outdoor gyms, tenis courts, basketball and beach ball courts.
Dutch friends are coming here regularly to take plaesure from climbing and trekking.
Professional purchasers have also many attractions, there are so much shops and stores here that I could not see them till now.
Prospectors of the historical traces can get ready ambitious plan to explore ancient ruins and rich museums, exploring the little-known castles (eg. Kiz Kulesi located on the sea, few hours drive on east of Alanya) or settlements from thousands years ago.
For tracing the path of religious leaders, the whole ancien Pamfilia, the first Christian churches hollowed in rocks of the mountains rising above the Antalya is the perfect proposal.
In short, Alanya and its surroundings are not only the sun and beach but also a range of facilities that are sure satisfying for arriving foreigners.
Ofcourse, when you ask the citizen when he was last on Kale or Dim cave, many will answer that long time ago or never. So here is the same "law" what is in Zakopane, where the old mountaineer after my return from Giewont asked me "how was the view from the peak, because he has never been there and he has not seen it..."
However, a bit different situation is with arriving here every year increasing number of foreigners who fall in love with the hot orient and have a looksee in every corner with eager, discover the history, geography, culture and as a result often know about Alanya much more than aven native resident of Alanya.
As already someone loves Alanya to extent that a two-week holidays is not enough, he starts wondering to visit it more often and be able to stay longer. As I already mentioned , everything appears to be relative, so comfortable hotel meal times, regular half European menu and cleaned everyday room are the ideal solution for some visitors , but for others not.
For people for whom the long-term stay is not appropriate because of the lack of intimacy and independence, should look for the possibility of having there own "holiday four corners".
I have been living here for a good few years, therefore I know Alanya and surrounding area like the proverbial back of my hand and I assure that everyone will find here something interesting, including:
Comfortable, two-bedroom apartment next to the beach and close to the lively city center.
Larger, three-bedroom, located in an intimate building with a rich infrastructure, where in addition to the SPA center can be found tenis courts, football, handball, volleyball, basketball playgrounds and ofcourse play areas for the children.
For those who need space and privacy, the solution are villas located on phenomenal scenic hills above Alanya and surroundings with private swimming pool, green garden and jacuzzi on the terrace.
People who think about financial gain in addition to being an investment in own comfort, can decide to rent the property for tourists on the holiday time. I`m not going to convince about profitability of the such property purchasing for investment, because keeping in mind above-mentioned "law of relativity" for some the 3000 EUR profit for several weeks renting is lot and for others it is not enough, so let everyone count it himself.
Observing the local real estate market and how it behaves in the face of global fluctuations, I can say that the Turkish Riviera region is stable and safe, because:
People are magnetized by specific mix of the Sun, Europe and the Orient and these are three solid elements.
Every year, Turkish economic rotation are increasing (2nd in the world position after China in terms of economic growth in 2011).
Exports in this year achieved the highest score from the beginning of the Turkish Republic foundation.
The expected number of tourists for 2012 in the region of Alanya is 12 mln!
Off-handedly, I have to gloss over the Poles in Alanya. When it comes to people living here permanently, we are a small group about 30 people. We are meeting once a month at the official polish meetings, helping each other, especially for the newly-arrived to find in a new reality. We advise what and where to buy, how to arrange residence, employment, insurance matters etc., the culinary advice, how to prepare Christmas Eve supper making shopping on the turkish market. Two years ago, we established the official Association of Polonia, we are taking part in events which are organized in the city, we have the representatives in the City Council and we have an impact on its widely understood form, what we are happy about .

Summing up, the Pole who come here, whether shorter or longer, will not feel alone and can always count on the support.
How to be an owner of flat or house for example in Alanya?
Well, it is easier than it`s widely thought.

At the begining, I would like to recommend the view of the real estates in Turkey, all are fresh and proven. In this way, you will find out what to choose from the real estate market, what standard and price.
In the next step, I would like to invite you to Alanya, for at least few days to see yourself how it looks like. The most difficult step is ofcourse the moment when you will decide which property is the right one, but with our support it will be much easier. When you will sure of your choice, the only thing which we should do is a purchase procedure which requires you only to carry a passport and 2 pictures, so as the sayings goes: "The bigger they are, the harder they fall".

Anna Gok
ILS POLAND GROUP resident and representative in the territory of the Republic of Turkey
Real estate expert on the Turkish Riviera

Alanya all inclusive and properties in Turkey