We have Gold Certificate of Reliability 2012

This year, the third time the ceremony took Gale and Gold Certificates were distributed Reliability.

Gold Certificate of Reliability is a testament of honesty, reliability and integrity. Companies that they carry with them not only confirms its strong market position and advantage over direct competitors, but also a huge impact on the quality of the Polish economy.

This time, at all events, these prestigious awards received about 300 winners from across the Polish company, our ILS POLAND GROUP.

The crowning achievement of all the conference participants and Reliable company had organized the Congress of Fair Business October 11, 2012, in Warsaw, at the Marriott Hotel, which was invited approximately 500 companies.

The event took place in the debate on ethics in business and recommendations to the Polish Government on changes in the law, friendly entrepreneurs. Led by well-known journalist, and took part in discussions authorities in the field of business, ethics and economics.

The Congress took place in the fifth last gala of the Golden Certificate of Reliability - during the Gold Award Certificate of Reliability in 2012 under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, our company received the ILS POLAND GROUP.


See our award:

Gold Certificate of Reliability: >> https://wizytowka.rzetelnafirma.pl/en/Home/8ZRAHWAI

We have Gold Certificate of Reliability 2012