On 22 April 2010 deliberating in Warsaw Founding General Assembly appointed to life a chamber of commerce and industry named Polska Izba Nieruchomości in brief PCRE, in foreign relations Polish Chamber of Real Estate.

On 24 August 2010 the Polish Chamber of Real Estate headquartered in Warsaw at Świętokrzyska street 18/433 was entered into the National Court Register under KRS number 0000363500

ILS Poland is a founding member of that Chamber.

The Chamber brings over 130 entrepreneurs together operating in real estate trading, advise and mediation for loans, mortage loans and support activities above this business.

The purpose of PIN is active promotion of development in polish real estate market, influence on low changes, systematizing the real estate market, creating mechanisms for activating cooperation and promoting services provided by companies from real estate and credit intermediation sector.

The statute tasks of the Board are including the following:

  • counteract discrimination and violations of the principles of liberty and equality in economic life
  • protecting interests of PIN members, representing interests of members to the state authorities
  • promoting development of modern entrepreneurship forms in the real estate field and mortage loans in Poland
  • express opinions on draft legal and economic arrangements relating to the functioning of the economy and participation in their creation
  • sharing legal, economic and technical informations being useful for real estate and credit mediations to the members of PIN
  • forming wide access to the real estate broker profession and facilitate in conducting the credit mediation activities
  • forming and popularization ethical norms and standards of behavior in business transactions, in particular regarding the real estate agent profession and the credit mediation activities
  • promoting the real estate broker profession and credit mediation business and operate for developing above forms of economic activity including steps to recognize the profession of real estate agent as a profession of public trust
  • active working to dissemination and regulatory approval for real estate broker salary standard by one sale or rental side and realization of sale orders on exclusive basis for a one real estate agent
  • protecting of the Chamber members interests against unfair competition, running business for the integration of Chamber members.